Web site design

Web Site Design & Management

Calido Media specialise in designing and developing websites that improve your business’ branding and positioning, promote your business’ message, and have the ability to connect to your target market.

A well designed web site is designed to inform, engage and convert its audience. It also helps to build credibility and allows your allows you to communicate with customers. Without one your competitors have an advantage and your business can miss opportunities.

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Responsive web design

Responsive Design & Mobile Compatibility

Responsive Web Design makes your web page look good on all devices (desktops, tablets, and phones). Today, something like 50% of web browsing is done via a mobile device, so designing your web site for the PC only may lose half of your audience.

Things to consider when designing your responsive web site include:

1. An adjustable and flexible screen resolution

2. Flexible images

3. Customisable page layout; and

4. Showing or Hiding Content

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation helps your business to be found online by prospective customers who are looking for your products or services.

A great time to consider SEO is when you’re building a web site. At Calido Media we can help you achieve both, by building a website that is SEO friendly from the bottom up. SEO improves and promotes a website to increase the number of targeted visitors from search engines.

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Social media marketing

Social Media & Email Marketing

Do you want to build a following for your business and engage your audience?

It’s definitely a fine line between engaging and using social media to ‘sell your stuff’. And, having a social media strategy is an important part of the plan. Calido Media can support you with a social media marketing strategy that will help you achieve success.

There is no better tool to build a responsive audience of clients or customers for your business than your email list. With a commitment to building a targeted email list, you can deliver offers of value to your client base and develop a long-term conversation that eventually grows your business.

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Graphic Design & Video

Graphic Design & Video

Good graphic design is an essential part of marketing. From brand recognition to developing trust and converting customers, it plays an important role in the success of your business.

Video marketing provides huge market opportunity. And, it’s not just about the number of people who are watching that is important; it’s the reasons why they watch it. When you post an online video to your web or social media site you have a greater chance of engaging with a busy executive who is specifically looking for your services but might not have time to scroll your website to locate your information. Your marketing video is a great way to get your elevator pitch out to the global market; generating new leads and referrals.

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Content & Presentation

Content & Presentation

Creating compelling content requires a specific skill set. One that really captures the attention of the audience and enables you to communicate with them. With a focus on authenticity, relevance and consistency, good content development can help you connect effectively with your target market.

We can help with three types of content development:

1. Text content

2. Visual content

3. Audio content

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